playing piano
keys of the Steinway Boston grand piano

The piano study philosophy of Noteworthy Music Studio : Playing the piano is a skill learned for a lifetime regardless of when you begin the adventure! Students currently enrolled in Noteworthy Music Studio's piano study program range in age from six to 74 years.

Piano lessons are taught in private 30-minute sessions each week on a Steinway Boston grand piano. As a part of learning to play the piano, a student studies music theory, history, sight-reading, reading music in different styles, and other activities to strengthen an overall knowledge of music. Students also enjoy the opportunity to participate in our Meet the Composers program, where they can earn statuettes of classical music composers.

We welcome and encourage parents to observe lessons. Regardless of musical background, every parent can work with the teacher to make piano lessons a positive experience for everyone involved.

As part of the piano study program, all students may choose to participate in two recitals a year -- the Fall Festival in late October, in which we emphasis performance artistry, and the formal recital in May.